The Tanzania Immigration services department, was established under Section 4(1) of the Tanzania Immigration Act of 1995 Chapter 54 as amended by Act No.8 of 2015. It’s cool function includes,

  1. The facilitation of entry and exit of people in the country
  2. Issuance of Passport to Tanzania Citizens
  3. Issuance of residence permits to foreigners residing and working in the country
  4. Receiving and processing applications regarding Tanzanian citizenship

In order to provide efficiency services to both bona fide citizens and foreign nationals, the Tanzania immigration services department has embarked on establishing an e-immigration system as a solution to address those setbacks. E-immigration is an electronic network system connected to perform various immigration services such as e-Visa, e-Passport, e-permit and e-Border Management systems.

These services are to be issued electronically. The applicant of the services will submit the applications and make the online payment without coming to the respective office.



Compared to the previous system, now an applicant will be required to visit an immigration services website ( Click on e-services button, select and Click on an e-visa application form and the applicant can now fill in his/her online visa application form.

An applicant will submit his/her scanned important attachments online uploading together with his/her visa application form. Also an applicant will receive an e-mail message containing an identification number that he/she will use to track his/her online application. An applicant can now choose the type of visa he/she wants and can make visa application fee payment wherever they are.


After completion of filling in an online visa application form. The applicant will receive a message confirming the completion of filling in the form and he/he will be given instructions on how to make payment of the visa application fee. The applicant can make payment of online visa application fees through three methods

  1. By Visa card
  2. Or By Master card
  3. By swift transfer (depositing the money directly into the bank account at the bank counter).

After making the fee payment, an applicant will receive a notification that is his/her payment has been received. The applicant will wait for two working days while his/her online application is being processed. An applicant can now truck his/her online application step by step using his/her ID number. An applicant will receive a grant notice together with his/her visa through their e-mail address. After receiving the e-mail containing his/her visa, an applicant can now begin the trip to Tanzania.


Upon arriving at a point of entry or departure, an applicant will present his/her grant notice that they received through an e-mail and will be allowed to enter the country. The visitor will now be able to stay in the country and enjoy the purpose of their visit peaceful.

NOTE: The attached short documentary film was prepared by True Vision Production (TVP)