Unemployment rate for youth in Tanzania, Rwanda, and Mozambique, is 2-3 times higher than that of adults. With an even higher rate of unemployment among young women. This is according to SNV Netherlands Development Organization.

Furthermore, poverty levels in these three countries range from 45% to 68%, according to the World Bank. The vast majority of rural youth depend on ‘vulnerable’ employment in subsistence farming, and informal self-employment. Without a stable income or an opportunity for professional development or long-term growth.

Consequently, many rural youth migrate to urban centers in search of work. But they often lack an adequate skill or understanding of the needs of the market.

SNV is implementing the OYE (Opportunities For Youth Employment) project in Rwanda, Tanzania and Mozambique. With the aim of improving livelihoods of young people in rural areas, out of 27,050 schools through skills training, in a way that stimulates their own aspiration and local agricultural needs, alternative energy, trade and hygiene.



In Tanzania, Small Industries Development Organization (SIDO) has been implementing this project. Its mandate is to recruit targeted youth and to teach them various skills according to the agreed OYE training manual.

Emmanuel Joseph, who is resides in Dodoma, the capital city of Tanzania. He is one of the project’s beneficiaries, whose life has been transformed after joining the OYE Project that is involved in the manufacturing of leather shoes.

Joseph says SIDO gave him an opportunity to attend a training on leather products that has helped him to get a new professional.

“I knew OYE through SIDO when they announced that they were recruiting youth for various trainings. I was happy to be trained on how to make leather products” says Joseph.

Currently, Joseph is a member of special group, which is involved in the manufacturing of the so-called 4U Leather Product Enterprise in Dodoma.

The group started with capital of two hundred thousand shillings (Sh200,000). Their business is now booming with a capital of about 3 million shillings.

Joseph is currently working with his friends and other people who are interested in joining his group and working together as an enterprise.

He says that their business is not only operating in Dodoma. But has now expanded to other regions and neighboring countries like Uganda. The idea is to expand the business to other East African Community member countries.


OYE project, which is implemented by SNV in collaboration with the Mastercard Foundation  and Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation is aimed at reaching out to the youth in poor rural areas between the ages of 18 and 24, at least 40% of them are older women.

True Vision Production (Video Production company which deals with the making of video documentaries, radio advertisements and the use of social media platforms in reaching out the public), through the Swiss Embassy under the Development and Cooperation Agency in Switzerland, have succeeded in developing different documentaries for the beneficiaries of OYE project through SIDO in Tanzania.