Usia Nkoma, Communication Specialist at UNICEF takes the floor at a seminar

UNICEF Tanzania has said that ‘Jiongeze Tuwavushe Salama’ campaign targets people from all walks of life to work jointly on a mission to reduce maternal and child mortality deaths in the country.

Speaking during a seminar for religious leaders held at Regency Hotel in Dar es Salaam, Usia Nkoma, UNICEF Communication Specialist said that the role of rescuing mother-child life is for everybody in the society to ensure that no more expected mothers and their newborn children die from maternal and mortality cases.

‘We have been working together with different religious institutions, government, society and non-governmental organizations in the move to curb maternal and mortality cases in the country,” said Nkoma.

Usia Nkoma gestures during a seminar at Regency Hotel in Dar es Salaam.

“We need to join our hands together and make sure that pregnant women and newborn children return home safely after delivery,” said Nkoma.

She said that UNICEF works to address maternal and mortality issues in four regions, namely Mbeya, Songwe, Iringa and Njombe where the situation is alarming.

She said to reduce maternal risks, UNICEF has been involved in the campaign to train health workers, construct health facilities and provision of ambulances to provide better services to pregnant women and children.

A cross section of religious leaders at a seminar in Dar es Salaam.

The second day of the seminar was coordinated by True Vision Production in collaboration with the Ministry of Healthy, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children and UNICEF.

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